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Be a Diversity Ally.

Be the Change.

We are a  boutique retained Executive Search Firm serving companies across the US and Latin America. Our business pledge is bold and straightforward: our candidate slates are always diverse.

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Why Should Organizations Care?
The Business imperative for
Gender and Ethnic Diversity

More Latino/Latina leaders: a demographic imperative in the US

The hispanic community represents 2.3 trillion in GDP and is driving consumer growth in every category.

If the US Latino market were its own country, it would be the 8th largest economy globally and the largest Latino market in the world, larger than Brazil and twice the size of Mexico.

With less than 5% avg. representation in executive teams, US companies who want to get ahead of the game know that they need to add more Latinx diversity to their leadership teams.

More Women Leaders: a business and social imperative in Latin America

In Latin America, women's representation in leadership roles averages less than 8% (including board members, executives, and CEOs).

The business imperative is clear: organizations with more women in leadership roles are more profitable.


Competitive firms need more employees that look, think, and sound like them, so hiring more women translates into more relevant, innovative products and services.

Inclusive Recruiting. Why?

The call for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is loud and growing by the day. But many organizations remain unsure of the real benefits of increasing gender and ethnic representation:

Latino Talent, Female Talent
  • Diversity is about growth, and additionally, diverse teams have shown to be more likely to radically innovate and anticipate shifts in consumer needs and consumption patterns-helping companies to gain a competitive edge.

  • Competitive firms need employees that look like their customers, so hiring more women and latinos translates into more innovative products and services.

  • Organizations with more women in leadership report higher profitability, and increased female participation throughout an organization positively impacts productivity.

  • Gender Diversity is good for macroeconomic growth, increasing GDP, and further bolstering social security systems.

  • Women bring critical team-building skills to the table, such as improved collaboration and increased collective intelligence.


At the current rate of progress, it will take 29 years for the average US company and 238 years for LATAM firms to reach gender parity on its executive team. Needless to say more: we all need to become diversity allies to drive change. The time is now!

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